OFFSIDE solutions

Customers often ask us at Offside Solutions for advice on software for a particular function - ranging from general office software to specialist applications, to the software we use to connect remotely to their computers.

Clearly Microsoft Office rules the world when it comes to office application software. Available for Mac and PC, it works brilliantly on both though it can be frustrating to find some features missing on one platform that you love on the other. Office comes in a range of flavours including different elements of the package. For more info on the various versions, click here.

With a mixture of Mac and PC devotees at Offside Solutions, the debate often rages as to which is better. Our Mac engineers effectively have both - by deploying 'virtual machine' software on their Mac they have two computers in one.

In the past such software has been cumbersome and unfriendly. Now though there is Parallels Desktop for Mac - one of the best bits of software we have seen - which integrates Mac OS and Windows (and Linux too) pretty much seamlessly.